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The Washbags & The Gladrags

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The Washbags & The Gladrags

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The Washbags & The Gladrags


Our Launderette Supervisor is extremely experienced and has extensive knowledge using our state of the art washing machines. She delivers high quality results with our laundry service washes and outstanding results with the Eco “Wet” cleaning system. Her speciality and talent lies with wedding dresses. and she really does go above and beyond to make sure your prized possession is restored to it’s amazing original state as best she can.

Eco “Wet” Cleaning

(Does everything Dry cleaning does but without the chemicals)

Our state of the art washing machines and dryers are engineered to administer the correct amount of water and drying time to each washing load to cut down on energy consumption. And our fabulous “Lagoon Eco Wet Cleaning” washing machine, the new alternative to Dry Cleaning without all the harsh chemicals, delivers outstanding results and is precision at it’s best. With it’s extra large drum, we are able to wash larger loads across board like feathered duvets right down to delicate garments such as wedding dresses and Cashmere jumpers all chemical free. Leaving them smelling laundry fresh.