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Services designed for busy lives.

Domestic & Business

Our team are able to cater for all your domestic and business needs.

Special & large

For specialist garments & larger items, we have professional equipment on hand.

Collection & Delivery

A collection and delivery service, to your door. Simple book online & we'll do the rest.

Under Presser

Ironing Service

Under Presser is our oldest and most established division. It was started back in 2016 as a little pick up & delivery service. Although Under Presser was never really marketed per say, the reputation of the standard of ironing soon got around by word of mouth. This little business grew so much that it made it possible to have what we have today.

Hate Ironing...

The Harmony Hub can help.

Busy schedule or just don't like ironing?

The Harmony Hub is here to help with it's professional ironing service, Under Presser. Let us take care of the ironing so you can spend your time on things that you want to be doing.